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Business line personal line of credit loans

says online shopping is now almost anything, in this Internet age, motor vehicles sales finally began to develop e-commerce platform, also based on cars online sales platform on the basis of individual large loans, is being gradually established. We see from the Buick automobile e-commerce platform, one can achieve using credit to buy goods vehicles have appeared, a buyer can according to their own needs, choose whether to use installment payment mode, this whole online trading operations, whether it is auto electric business changes in the new age.

past such consumer spending a great deal of merchandise, mostly through online sales offline operation mode of payment, e-commerce platform is more of an information intermediary functions, now operating on large credit lines, will realize the whole network consumption.

for online exploration of credit, they never stopped developing, in network power consumption under the gradual accumulation of data and customer information, credit basis has been met, the first micro-purchase of goods, and white form was disguised action credit consumption. Virtual credit card business has not been approved by the financial regulator, credit finance business continues to explore the Internet attack.

but the views from the industry, say large commodity online purchase, relatively speaking, processes more complex, particularly in the automobile, real estate goods, likely will involve lending operations. Complete Internet payment transaction modes and operating under the traditional line, whether it would be able to achieve the same level of security, and financial risk control, we cannot make any judgment.

innovative and trying is all well and good, if we can have proper supervision and risk control ability, using the Internet to develop various e-commerce platform, it is not impossible to achieve, it will take over a long period of market testing and accreditation.