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Unified credit system for micro-credit institutions in line to curb speculation

current small lenders in the financial markets is growing, especially in small and medium enterprises populous city, private lending conduct frequent, large number of microfinance companies. Simultaneously with the development of Internet banking, micro-credit institutions the joint Internet platform developed into a new mode of cooperation, and in view of the current financial market environment, financial regulators have stepped up supervision, began to gradually standardize lending model, promote the healthy and orderly development of micro-credit industry.

whether it is regulatory or micro-credit institutions themselves, we found the biggest issue is the control of financial risk, and this also relates to the survival and development of the industry as a whole, is also monitoring the direction should be improved. Secured loan small series understanding now for private lending institutions can access around the unified credit system and strong appeal both within and outside the industry, believes that docking of the credit system can effectively curb speculation in some bad behavior, increase private lending for capital risk control enhanced confidence in the industry consolidation of the micro-credit model of supply and demand.

in particular the rapid development of the Internet financial state, establishment and sharing of credit information systems, will offer Internet banking and lending a more solid financial footing and maintain an open credit information is the industry desperately needs. From the micro-credit institutions as well as of now online lending platform seen in business operations, evaluation of borrower credit qualification are not able to do the most comprehensive and complete credit information system without releasing the cause of indebtedness of the borrower cannot be true understanding, which greatly expanded the private lending risk of crisis.

If you can butt the Central Bank's credit system, not only can improve credit information gathering, better able to provide more realistic data for these lending institutions, at least the speculation much debt borrowers can be successfully intercepted, lenders can get the most correct decision.