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Trade rules do not violate the small loan company does not have to absorb public funds eligibility

with the development of domestic financial markets, private lending institutions gradually occupy the place, but this one has some micro-credit company or Security Agency's illegal operations. Risk associated with Tianjin Finance Office recently issued a warning to remind the broad masses do not blindly believe some investment promotion on the market, beware of falling into the network of credit fraud trap, as well as illegal financial institutions and illegal absorbing public money scam.

with the development of Internet banking, attracted the participation of investment heat, many never exposure to financial and investment products, and gradually realized the significance of financing. Especially in this age of information outbreak, people change and update of the financial concepts, along with the development of the network in the event of a rapid change also affected were private lending, small business loan restructuring, many institutions have started joint development of Internet, and cohabitation, mixed bodies full of industry, so that ordinary investors are difficult to identify.

some micro-credit institutions or financial guarantee high returns to attract investors, taking advantage of the Internet's financial Thunder banner Government called on flag, with the goal of attracting investment funds or provide private lending, absorbs a large amount of public money in the community. There is pretending to be a microfinance company, using telephone, Internet and other means of providing agency loan actually traps of fraud to defraud victims fees, interest charges and deposits, more and more often to ask the victim to call us in advance mode.

in accordance with State regulations and industry norms, microfinance companies and financing guarantee company is not in a position to absorb deposits from the public, not eligible agents financial investment products, if it is lending you should have complete formalities and procedures, should not be how to operate said borrowers do. All financial institutions, is a complete set of procedures to borrower qualification check has a corresponding request, the more likely the institution to borrow money or requested in advance are, the greater the possibility of fraudulent.