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Loan intermediaries do not fly

in the production process have financing needs of small and micro enterprises in many, but if there are no qualified qualification and credit is hard to get financing through banks, are denied loans at some point these deadly crisis of small and micro enterprise development. On financial markets, enterprises with financing needs full, so has created some specifically for these qualifications are not enough, and urgent need for development of the cash flow businesses, intermediary institutions that provide financial services.

found in our understanding, this type of credit intermediaries active in various cities, especially small and micro enterprises populous city. They distributed by distributing leaflets, marketing telephone and Internet help loan information, as long as the customer loan demand will be able to provide service, not only for business but also for lending needs of individuals, of course, will also charge exorbitant agency fees.

many loan agents say they mainly help businesses or individual agent application business, the actual loan is granted by the financial institution. Mainly mortgages and business loans, as long as the customer needs to be able to receive fees and service charges, lack of information on the loan application they will be ready, generally will not meet the banks refused to lend.

in accordance with the requirements of bank loans, loan purpose is clearly defined, as personal consumption loans cannot be used to buy a House, to make risky investments, and so on. In accordance with the views of these loan intermediaries, subject does not seem to use their loans would arouse the suspicion of banks. Analysis of the industry, such intermediary was inevitable because of conflict of interest exists, they came for the bank customers, while also making intermediary agent fees, as long as banks are not thoroughly investigated for such cooperation is a win-win.

applicants for loans through intermediaries but will increase borrowing costs, but would be able to obtain the loan funds are the most important, and that's why these borrowers will choose the intermediary lending. Not regular channel loans, of course, naturally, with greater risk, particularly vulnerable to fraud company, also required the borrower more vigilant in these areas.