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Providing financing support for small and micro enterprises are implemented

from bank lines of funding allocation for the enterprise in recent years, various types of businesses accept all loan balance rise, its medium and small micro-loan growth is most evident. Side is financial institutions constantly improve financing ratio, side is is small micro-enterprise still shouted with financing loan difficult, this is what reasons caused of does? in Government various financial reform policy Xia, entity economic whether really of effective enjoy has funds self-sustaining, small micro-enterprise of financing loan funds and whether fell to has practice, Bank for into three agricultural, and small micro-enterprise of loan funds have effective of monitoring and follow-up of risk put control.

loans made to understand in Fuzhou, some small and micro enterprises-intensive parts of the country, private lending is very well developed, and there would be a small and micro enterprises to obtain financing. But overall corporate financing huge demand will always exist on the market does not solve the problem of financing, even with the loans company and network platform funds supplement. Small and micro businesses keep capital at the same time, there will be a corresponding regulators to monitor these funds eventually used to do? is really into the small micro-enterprises engaged in production.

according to some insiders found clues, some small and micro businesses long-term sustained financing, however these financing but did not go into the production and operation of enterprises. But by the method of using money to make money, invest in real estate or investment risk, so that you can more quickly reap the benefits, and obtained in this way earned more profits than corporate business slowly, financial institutions in accordance with policies promoting small enterprise loans are maneuvers, in disguise into non-entity's economy has become the focus of regulators.