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Among micro-credit institutions, small and micro enterprise financing try credit card

the current existence of small and micro enterprises is an important component of the domestic economy, large number of small and micro enterprises and the country, not only to provide the community with a large number of jobs, but also the backbone force for local economic growth. In GDP in China, small and micro enterprises that create value and products already account for a certain percentage have a solid position. However long troubled the financing problems of small and micro enterprise development, but still exists and it is difficult to solve.

Fuzhou loan small learned from the relevant statistical data, within the scope of small and micro enterprises in the country, nearly 30% of enterprises are in debt, and the country has started to pay attention to this aspect. Improved allocation of financial institutions financing for small and micro-enterprises, and allocation of funds in the financial markets for more capital into the real economy to meet more small and micro enterprises, as well as financing needs for agriculture, is the main direction of the current.

judging from the characteristics of small business financing needs, low capacity is low and need frequent, short-term liquidity fast funding needs, and many large bank loans is not an effective coverage of small business financing needs. Loan companies appear to fill the gaps in this regard, while professionals also suggested that the part of small and micro businesses can use credit cards as a short-term credit facility, but is limited in the funding of the credit card.

from the perspective of overall financing channels of small and micro enterprises, through micro-credit institutions or net lending platform to solve the problem is the majority of funds, although a growing number of small and micro enterprises have the opportunity to finance from the banks, but demand is in short supply, effective balance between supply and demand is not. Private lending, more adapted to the financing needs of small and micro businesses, but high borrowing rates are also pushing hard obstacles to high micro-enterprise financing costs.

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